Who is Kriya

‘We Develop and Supply your transparent multifunctional Coating and Masterbatch’.

Kriya Materials is a customer-oriented company that develops and manufactures advanced coating liquids and masterbatches for your plastic or glass substrates.

We are sincere, agile, focused on co-creation, and pro-actively develop and manufacture customer specific products.

As a team of passionate people, we believe that nanotechnology has a positive impact on societal challenges by improving the energy efficiency and lowering the CO₂ footprint of products, processes and materials. Nanotechnology which is produced in-house drives the majority of our products. This proprietary know- how allows the development of a sales ready product based on your target requirements and processing possibilities.

History of Kriya Materials

Kriya Materials’ story started nearly 25 years ago with a group of experienced researchers who had a clear vision: transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and their potential applications. An early acquisition on a state-of-the-art proprietary technology from Philips, then was – and still is – the core of all our developments. This proprietary technology is focused around metal oxide nanotechnology, which since then has, and finds its application in many end products.

Our vision

We are convinced that nanotechnology is there to:

√ maximize a product’s functionality
√ make it more durable in various ways
√ minimize valuable production resources

Nanotechnology will make the impossible possible. We know that through continued passionate work we will find ways to disrupt and improve what has long been the status quo.

We are convinced that great things can be achieved, not just by us, but by co-creating with our customers and contribute to the world surrounding us through sustainable innovations.

Our mission

Kriya Materials will have a positive impact on societal challenges by improving the energy efficiency and lowering CO₂ footprint of products and processes while minimizing the materials resources used.

How we contribute to lower the carbon footprint of your products

Kriya Materials is a customer-driven nanotechnology company. We create solutions that have a positive impact on the energy efficiency or durability of a multitude of end products. Our unique know-how ensures that we know how to convert the opportunities of nanotechnology into sales-ready products in a wide range of end-market applications. We help your customers generate more energy or saving more energy. All to improve the carbon footprint of the end product. Think of a solar transmission increase of 3% on your solar panels. And this with only a layer as thin as 1/300 of a human hair. This is how nanotechnology can make energy harvesting more efficient!

Innovative energy efficient concepts

Nanotechnology offers us a world of infinite possibilities. Infinite possibilities that everyone at Kriya Materials loves to explore. We believe that this passion is the key to our success. At Kriya, we don’t stop at making the most of existing technology. Turning innovative concepts into reality is what we do. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to push the existing boundaries and to make that what seems impossible, possible.


Kriya Materials is a private company financed by a selected group of shareholders. Next to the existing group of shareholders from 2015 and before, Limburg Ventures*, Particon and LRM, another Dutch venture capital fund, Shift invest and Chemelot ventures*, invested in 2017 to support further roll out of our new line of coatings in the corresponding markets.

In 2018 Henkel KGaA joined the existing investors. Although the marketability of our innovative solutions have already been proven across different applications and markets, the investment of Henkel will make it possible to accelerate our growth and invest in our sales and R&D organization globally.

Henkel investor in Kriya Materials nanotechnology
Shift Invest investor in Kriya Materials nanotechnology

*Brightlands Venture Partners is the fund manager of Chemelot Ventures – Brightlands Agrifood Fund – Limburg Ventures.

Kriya’s innovative future

Nanotechnology offers countless possibilities and applications. Kriya Materials is constantly challenging itself to come up with cutting edge innovations. For the future we see new markets and applications evolve. Main objective? Improving energy efficiency and decrease the CO₂ footprint of products, processes and materials resources. In order to accomplish this goal, Kriya Materials partners with a variety of organizations.

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