Infrared shielding coatings and masterbatch

Block or decrease the Infrared light transmission with our Infrared shielding coating! Based on our in-house technology. Suitable for window film application, architectural glass or agricultural green houses.

Kriya’s Infrared coatings characteristics:

√ Near infrared absorption
√ Tuneable NIR blocking
√ High transparency
√ High scratch resistant
√ Ready-to-use
√ Recommended for interior applications

Masterbatch for Infrared shielding safety glass

For architectural glass, we created a drop-in solution. This allows the glass manufacturer to offer a custom tuneable NIR blocking property and enhanced VLT levels over sputtered glass. Without losing the aesthetic benefit of normal glass.

IR absorbing coating for glass

The Near Infra Red (NIR) hard coat can be applied directly on glass via typical glass coating machines. The coating is:

  • solvent based
  • inorganic
  • thermal curable

It combines high transparency with excellent heat blocking properties. While keeping the transmission of the visible light region as high as possible. Since the Infrared light is filtered out by absorption, the inside of your vehicle or building is heated less which lowers the need for cooling. Upon request, the amount of heat management can be adapted to your application.

Coating for Infrared blocking film

Kriya Materials developed a coating which can be applied easily with roll-to-roll machines. The Near Infrared coating is:

  • Medium-high solid
  • Solvent based
  • Low viscosity UV curable coating

When cured, the coating results in a highly transparent window film with low haze and excellent solar heat blocking properties based on Near Infrared absorption. Visible and NIR transmission can be tuned for the application.

Typical application of this coating is window film in e.g. automotive and construction industry.

Visible and Infrared transmission tuneable via dry film thickness.

Minimum Achievable Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)


0 = Standard  |  X = Optional additional feature

TypeScratch resistanceOvercoatableChemical resistanceAnti staticAntifouling

0 = Standard  |  X = Optional additional feature

Tailor-made coatings

Kriya Materials if needed develops custom formulations meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers. The result is a plug and play product designed for optimal performance at the lowest total system cost. Do you want to combine functionalities or do you have a substrate that is not mentioned above?

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