Kriya Materials is THE developer and manufacturer of multi-functional coatings and nanocomposites. Nanotechnology is the basis of a wide range of products which are listed on this page. This core technology offers us a custom-made and application oriented development and manufacturing process.

To name some of the functionalities, we offer a.o.

And combinations thereof.

Properties that are offered by these (multi-)functional coatings are intrinsic or combinable:

√ High transparent
√ Low haze
√ Scratch resistant
√ Hydrophobic
√ Overcoatable
√ Easy-to-clean/anti-fingerprint
√ Durable performance
√ Abrasion resistant
√ High hardness
√ High gloss to low gloss
√ Customisable haze
√ Improved and durable adhesion
√ Low reflection
√ Tunable refractive index

And this list is still not ending. We are continuously looking to innovate and find different functionalities and properties, not only fitting with our technology but also by looking to other technologies.

Our coating technology is developed for application on plastics such as TAC, PET, PMMA and PC but don’t exclude other plastics such as PP, ABS, TPU, TPI etc. and metallized surfaces. Our products can be adapted and fine-tuned to get the desired set of functionalities and properties to your substrate.

Application method

All products are solvent based and require a controlled deposition to obtain a homogeneous and well-functioning optical coating. Therefore application techniques such as gravure, slot die and other typical roll-to-roll and sheet to sheet processing methods are suitable. For some functionalities, also flow coating, spray coating and dipping can be considered. Please contact us for a personal advise and recommendation.

Curing technology

For plastics, the coating technology is based on acrylate chemistry and requires an UV curing step, following the heat treatment to evaporate the solvents. Some functionalities; we offer as a thermal curable coating, requiring only an oven treatment to obtain a fully cured coating.

The coating technology for glass is based on sol-gel chemistry. Functionalities such as anti-static, anti-reflection, high refractive index, low refractive index, anti-glare and Near Infrared absorbing are possible.

Since our focus is to minimize resources and materials by the use of nanotechnology, our coatings typically are being applied in thicknesses ranging from hundred of nanometers to a few micrometers.

FunctionalitiesAnti-static, Anti-fouling, Near Infra red absorbing, Low refractive index, High refractive index, anti-reflection, anti-glare
PropertiesScratch resistant, abrasion resistant, easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint, overcoatable, low to high haze,..
SubstratesPlastics, glass, Alumina
ApplicationStandardly Roll-to-roll, sheet-to-sheet, exploring flow coating, dip coating and spray coating possibilities
Curing technologyUV curing, thermal curing
Product physicsSolvent based, low viscosity, low to high solids


Based on our core technology, we have developed a masterbatch which will contribute in lowering the energy cost and CO₂ footprint of your building and car by blocking the solar heat radiation while maintaining visible light transmittance and aesthetics as much as possible.

This Advanced master batch technology is a drop in solution in the production of standard PVB films. Other polymers such as TPU and EVA are being studied.