Glass Coatings

Do you want to functionalize your glass or manage the transmission of light and heat in your application?

Kriya Materials offers functional coatings for glass, based on sol-gel chemistry, which can be easily applied via roller coating or gravure. On glass, following functionalities are possible:

• Anti-static
• Anti-reflection
• Anti-glare
• Near infrared absorption
• High refractive index
• Low refractive Index

With only a few hundred to thousand nm of coating, your glass is functionalized without loosing on the initial glass performance and optics.

Glass coating solutions

From its experience in inorganic chemistry and particle modification, Kriya Materials has developed multifunctional coatings focussing on glass manufacturers and glass coaters.

Thanks to Kriya’s glass coatings, glass producers will benefit from faster and cheaper production compared to the expensive vapor and sputter techniques.

Your ideal glass coating

Do you have specific ideas on what properties your ideal glass coating should add to your product? Please contact us! With our heavily R&D-minded team we would love to think along and develop your custom-made glass coating. Please contact us through submitting our intake form or learn everything on our development process.

Technical support

Kriya Materials is not only a coating supplier. Based on your input on product requirements and processing capabilities, we develop and create the best glass coating solution for your envisioned application. Our team of experts will assist you from intake through development to implementation. We challenge ourselves to exceed your expectation. Our goal is to Make what’s good, better… together!

Best in class performances

Kriya materials love to explore the infinite possibilities of coatings and it’s functionalities. We continuously challenge ourselves to improve what the status quo. This drive of innovation has enabled us to become one of the frontrunners in our industry.

Are you looking for a glass coating that raises your product to a higher performance level? Please contact us or leave your information in our intake form. We will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.