Anti-static coatings

Are you looking for an anti-static coating? That eliminates the build-up of the static charge of your plastic?

Kriya’s anti-static coating proved to be an effective protection to static build-up since it has been applied by a large OEM of Plasma Display Panels (PDP). The harbour of Schiphol reported this coating as being exported in such a volume that is was listed in the top 3 of exported chemicals. The defect level of this product on a roll-to-roll machine was only 1 per 10 m2, with a size smaller than 1 µm.

Kriya Materials’ anti-static hard coat is based on metal oxides, hence providing a durable and permanent anti-static performance, insensitive to humidity and UV

The following products are available:

• Solvent based, UV curable coating for plastics
• Solvent based, thermal curable for glass
• Aqueous based, thermal curable for low-end applications on plastic
• Solvent based, thermal curable for plastics, providing high chemical resistance to the substrate

providing following features:

√ High transparency
√ Low haze
√ Basic to excellent hard coat properties
√ Durable anti-static properties: stable to UV and humidity

The conductivity of the antistatic coatings can be tuned from E+06 to E+10 depending on the transmission and hardness requirements and curing conditions.

Experience the advantages of an anti-static coating

Uncoated PC lense

PC lense coated with an antistatic HC

Achievable Surface resistivity in Ω/□

Measured with a ring electrode at 999V. Lower resistance available upon request.

TypeScratch resistanceOvercoatableChemical resistance

V = Standard  |  * = Optional additional feature
Disclaimer; Performance may depend on specific substrate of choice, and process conditions, for each customer a customer specific product is formulated.

One pot system, multiple functionalities

A frequently asked combination is antistatic and anti-glare coating which is available as a solvent, based, UV curable and one-pot-system. Other possible combinations are:

  • Anti-static Anti-fouling
  • Antifouling Anti-static Anti-glare

Would you like to have other combinations? No problem. Kriya’s anti-static coating can be made overcoat able hence making more combinations possible such as anti-static anti-reflection, anti-static low refractive index etc..

Fitted to your needs

All our coatings are custom-made and tailored to your wishes and in-line with your production process. Fill out our Intake form, so we can contact you and discuss your needs in more detail.

Application method

Standardly, the anti-static coating is being applied by roll-to-roll and sheet to sheet processing. Some specific customer cases show that other wet deposition techniques are not excluded.

Curing technology

The anti-static functionality is available as thermal curable and UV curable coating solutions, depending on the resistivity needs and substrate of choice.

Global shipment

We produce our coatings at our production facility in Geleen ,The Netherlands. Our coatings are shipped globally, on request we provide door-to-door supply. The anti-static coatings have a storage pot life of up to 6 months.

Contact us to learn more about our anti-static coating and combination with other, industry required properties