Anti-static coatings

Kriya’s anti-static coating provides an effective protection to static build-up and has been widely applied in Ex, display and other applications. The defect level of our products on a roll-to-roll machine is only 1 per 10 m2, with a size smaller than 1 µm.

Kriya Materials’ anti-static hard coat is based on metal oxides, hence providing a durable and permanent anti-static performance, insensitive to humidity and UV unlike its polymer based alternatives such PEDOT;PSS or quaternary ammonium salts. Next to this our product is PFAS free.

The following products are available:

• Solvent based, UV curable coating for plastics
• Solvent based, thermal curable for glass
• Aqueous based, thermal curable for low-end applications on plastic
• Solvent based, thermal curable for plastics, providing high chemical resistance to the substrate

providing following features:

√ High transparency, less than 0.3% transmission loss can be achieved.
√ Low haze
√ Basic to excellent hard coat properties depending on type and substrate
√ Durable anti-static properties: stable to UV and humidity

The conductivity of the antistatic coatings can be tuned from E+06 to E+11 depending on the transmission and hardness requirements and curing conditions.

Experience the advantages of an anti-static coating

Uncoated PC lense

PC lense coated with an antistatic HC

Achievable Surface resistivity in Ω/□

Measured with a ring electrode at 999V. Lower resistance available upon request.

TypeScratch resistanceOvercoatableChemical resistance

V = Standard  |  * = Optional additional feature
Disclaimer; Performance may depend on specific substrate of choice, and process conditions, for each customer a customer specific product is formulated.

One pot system, multiple functionalities

A frequently asked combination is antistatic and anti-glare coating which is available as a solvent, based, UV curable and one-pot-system. Other possible combinations are:

  • Anti-static Anti-fouling
  • Antifouling Anti-static Anti-glare

Would you like to have other combinations? No problem. Kriya’s anti-static coating can be made overcoat able hence making more combinations possible such as anti-static anti-reflection, anti-static low refractive index etc..

Fitted to your needs

All our coatings are custom-made and tailored to your wishes and in-line with your production process. Fill out our Intake form, so we can contact you and discuss your needs in more detail.