Coatings on polymeric films and sheets

Kriya Materials offers a full range of coatings for improvement of optical, physical and/or chemical properties of polymeric films and sheets.

Typical functionalities are;

√ Scratch resistance
√ Anti-static
√ Anti-fouling/easy-to-clean/hydrophobic
√ Anti-reflection
√ Anti-glare
√ Near infrared absorbing
√ High refractive index
√ Low refractive index

One or multiple of the above functionalities can be combined in one layer. Properties such as high transmittance and low haze are standard present while a.o. chemical resistance, overcoatability and steelwool resistance can be combined on request.

Our coatings are developed for application on polymeric surfaces such as TAC, PET, PMMA and PC but don’t exclude other plastics such as PP, ABS, TPU, TPI, CPI, COP, etc. Our products can be adapted and fine tuned to get the desired set of functionalities and properties to your substrate.

Custom-made solutions

Since all plastics are different, as well as your coating line and application, we believe in the need for a customer specific product. Therefore we develop a product, adapted to your processing and requirements. In this way we reduce trial-and-error efforts and time to market. The result is a plug and play product designed for optimal performance at the lowest total system cost.

Learn more about our  products or submit our intake form for a more detailed discussion.

Application method

Our coatings for plastic are suited for most generic coating application technologies such as gravure, spray, flow, spin and slot die. In our lab, we apply the coatings by means of bar coating.


These coatings are often solvent based, need a thermal treatment followed by a UV cure step, although exceptions exist.

For other application techniques, contact us for a personal advice and recommendation.

Global supply-chain

We deliver on your doorstep, with our multi-modal shipping options and storage facilities we always have a solution to accommodate your shipping and lead-time need. We make sure this happens in full compliance with all relevant regulations for boat, air and truck transport.