Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we get asked very often. If you have a question about something Kriya Materials that is not dealt with here please feel free to contact us.

Answer: Kriya Materials does coat lab samples, but for anything larger then A4 size we have good links to various manufacturers who are willing to provide such services, so in case of interest feel free to contact us.

Answer: Yes, we have and continue to assist and service our customers with local support on demand.

Answer: as a rule of thumb; yes they are, they are formulated for your specific substrate, coating process, and  in-line with your specifications. In some cases our products may need some minor work upon arrival as they were formulated to minimize the transport cost, hence things like some dilution may be required, obviously this is pre-discussed during project in take. See also our develop with Kriya section

Answer: Yes, our shipping and logistics network enables us to supply globally either by plane, boat, or truck, in principle we arrange for door to door supply, if our customers wish differently we can arrange so.

Answer: Get in touch, we have a procedure in place for dealing with your request in an effective way, we will discuss the needed input from your side and start the sampling preparation from that moment onwards. We strive to avoid trail and error, for more see our section develop with Kriya.

Answer: We ship all our products with accompanying documentation, generically speaking each customer has a unique product, generic MSDS or TDS are therefore not available. Please contact us in case you need an updated version or have related questions

Answer: Kriya Materials makes either thermal/UV, thermal or UV curing coatings in-house, typically these are solvent based, but we also offer water based and 100% solids systems and master-batches for your polymer film production.

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