Solvent based coatings

Turn your surfaces into durable multi-functional surfaces, enhancing the consumers user experience and interaction.

Abrasion resistance, anti-glare, anti-static and anti-scratch. Just some functionalities you can add to your product.

Benefit also from this all-in-one coating and:

√ Maximize your process efficiency by going for single coating step
√ Increase the durability and functionality of your surface
√ Save cost by allowing us to design the optimum product in terms of materials needed

Multi-functional solvent based coatings

For polymeric surfaces, we offer also UV curable solvent based coatings. The low viscosity of these coatings make them easy processable by a wide range of roll-to-roll applications such as gravure, slot die as well vertical processing such as flow coating, dip coating, spin coating and others.

Next to a durable scratch and abrasion resistance, our coatings offer following functionalities:

√ Scratch resistance
√ Anti-static
√ Anti-fouling/easy-to-clean/hydrophobic, including PFAS free options
√ Anti-reflection
√ Anti-glare
√ Near infrared absorbing
√ High refractive index
√ Low refractive index, including PFAS free

Various of the above functionalities can be combined in one single layer, making multi-functional surfaces possible, such as:

√ Anti-static & Anti-fouling
√ Anti-static & Anti-fouling & Anti-glare
√ Anti-fouling & Near Infrared absorbing
√ and various other combinations.

Our Multi-functional coating offers:

• Excellent abrasion resistance against steelwool rubs
• Stable and durable anti-static performance, vs PEDOT:PSS or other organic anti-static agents which loose their anti-static performance quickly
• Durable anti-fouling/easy to clean/hydrophobic properties
• all of the above in a coating thickness of only 2-10µm

Multi-functional coatings for glass

Our multi-functional coatings for glass offer functionalities such as:

√ Anti-static
√ Anti-reflection
√ Near Infrared absorbing
√ Low refractive index
√ High refractive index
√ Anti-glare

Combination with surface properties such as hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, overcoat ability, easy-to-clean, dust repellent etc are possible on request.
For solar glass, we offer a multifunctional coating that avoid light reflection, soiling and hot spot formation. This all within one coating layer.

What is your ideal multi-functional coating?

Every product and production process is different which means that the full potential is only achieved with a custom-made solution. Kriya Materials offers full flexibility and tailor made coating materials to help you achieve the full potential of your products and processes.
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Global supply-chain

We deliver on your doorstep, with our multi-modal shipping options and storage facilities we always have a solution to accommodate your shipping and lead-time need. We make sure this happens in full compliance with all relevant regulations for boat, air and truck transport.