Display coatings – Hardcoats

The scratch resistant hard coat is a protective coating for transparent substrates. This product is developed mainly for plastic sheets and roll-to-roll film such as PET, TAC, PC, PMMA  and others. Our products are standard available as a solvent based,  UV curable organic/inorganic hybrid which offers high optical transparency and scratch resistance to the substrate. For glass and steel, it is a solvent based inorganic system which is applied as a primer for subsequent functional layers as well as top coat for the improvement of scratch resistance and durability of the surface.

Pencil Hardness measured according to the Wolf Wilburn principle with 750gr. loading

TypePETTACPCPMMAGlassSteel etc.
Organic4H3HH6HXWith primer

0 = Standard  |  X = Optional additional feature

TypeScratch resistanceOvercoatableChemical resistanceAnti static

0 = Standard  |  X = Optional additional feature

Next to scratch resistance, additional properties/functionalities can be added to create the best performance for your specific application. Kriya Materials always develops custom formulations meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers. The result is a plug and play product designed for optimal performance at the lowest total system cost.

As an example, combination with over coatable, chemical resistance or antistatic are frequently asked. Please contact us if you require other combinations. Since we work custom based, we love to hear more about your substrate of interest and envisioned functionalities.

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