Display coatings – Anti reflection

Kriya’s 1-pot Anti Reflection (AR) coating is a solvent based, UV curable coating for Plastic. It is an effective AR coating which is a ready to use coating. It can be used without the need for changes in equipment and can be applied using standard wet deposition techniques such as gravure and slot die, making it the economical choice over conventional AR coatings.  The film coater can determine the minimum reflection through fine tuning the wet layer deposition. The reflection can be reduced up to an average of 3 % ( 400-700 nm) per side of a coated plastic film. When stacked with a hard coat as base layer, improved mechanical properties are observed.

Minimum reflection based on dry film thickness

Organic ‹ 1% ‹ 1% ‹ 1% ‹ 1%
Inorganic ‹ 1%

0 = Standard  |  X = Optional additional feature

TypeScratch resistanceOvercoatableChemical resistanceAnti static

0 = Standard  |  X = Optional additional feature

Kriya Materials always develops custom formulations meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers. The result is a plug and play product designed for optimal performance at the lowest total system cost.

Since we work custom based, we love to hear more about your substrate of interest and envisioned functionalities.

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Disclaimer; Performance may depend on specific subtrate of choice, and process conditions, for each customer a customer specific product is formulated.