Agricultural greenhouses – Near Infra Red coatings

Near Infra Red (NIR) hard coat is a solvent based, inorganic, thermal curable coating which can be applied directly on glass via typical glass coating machines. This coating combines high transparency with excellent solar blocking properties, in this way keeping the transmission of the Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)as high as possible. Since the Infrared light is filtered out by absorption, the inside of a greenhouse is heated less which lowers the need for cooling. Upon request, the amount of heat management can be adapted.

Kriya Materials always develops custom formulations meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers. The result is a plug and play product designed for optimal performance at the lowest total system cost.

Since we work custom based, we love to hear more about your substrate of interest and envisioned functionalities.

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Disclaimer; Performance may depend on specific subtrate of choice, and process conditions, for each customer a customer specific product is formulated.