Kriya Materials Technology

The developments in the nanodipsersion technology started about two decades ago in the Philips Laboratories. Initially the nanodispersions were used for antireflection and antistatic coatings for use on CRT’s. These dispersions met the highest specifications with respect to particle size, stability and quality of processing. The antimony doped tin oxide (ATO) dispersions as developed are still part of our core technology. See our ATO dispersion section for more information.

SEM image, spincoated nanodispersion, particle size 7-8nm

Kriya Materials has broadened the application of this technology to coatings for use in LCD plasma display, touch panel and window film applications.

The technology comprises nanodisperions of various metaloxides which are selectively surface treated in order to provide the optimal fit with the full coating formulation. Due to the expertise in particle production and modification, the coating products meet the highest standards with respect to optical clarity and uniformity.