Kriya Materials is as producer of high value functional coating formulations affected by REACH. Within REACH Kriya Materials carries out different roles. As manufacterer Kriya Materials has preregistered all relevant chemical substances. Exposure scenarios and recommendations of the risk management will be measured and communicated down the supply chain via the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Kriya Materials acts also as downstream user within REACH. In this role Kriya Materials will communicate the use of substances to the suppliers to be sure that our use is covered by the exposure scenario. If the use is outside the conditions described in the Safety Data Sheets, operational conditions and risk management measures will be carried out and communicated via the Safety Data Sheet. Where Kriya Materials acts as a formulator of preparations (mixtures) exposure scenarios will be created and communicated to the customers via the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Kriya Materials has an active attitude towards REACH and it takes its roles and duties very serious. If you have any question or remark, do not hesitate to contact us.