Anti Fouling Hard Coat

Kriya Materials has developed a range of UV curable anti fouling hard coat products which provide scratch resistance and anti fouling functionality. These abrasion resistant coatings are custom developed and modified to meet the customer specifications and to function on the substrate which will be used by the customer. These substrates may vary from PET, PMMA to TAC or PC to give a few examples.


An abrasion resistance coating is typically developed for the film and sheet industry. These UV curable Hard coat products therefore meet the requirements of optical clarity, pencil hardness and abrasion resistance. This unique hard coat further offers a anti fouling functionality, which is measured by wipe off test (>50X) as well as contact angle measurments. All can be pre-specified by our customers, after which a custom formulation is made adapted for the customer process and product application requirements.


Whether the touch panel, furniture or other markets, they all benefit from Kriya Materials anti fouling hard coating products.


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