Key Product Features

Kriya Materials coatings always provide scratch resistance and optical performance, on properties as transparency and haze. Optionally these coatings are further providing anti static / conductive performance, refractive index matching, anti glare or near infrared absorption among others. Our coatings are custom made, developed in accordance to the customer specification, specifically for their substrate, whether PET, TAC, PC, PMMA or other polymer based films.


Kriya Materials focus is to quickly develop a product which meets all targets and fits the customer process and end-market requirements by offering a custom made product. The development is done in our laboratory, results are shared and next steps during pilot and scale-up at our customer are on request backed by our technical expertise. Kriya Materials strength is in this way utilized resulting in a fast process towards commercialization for all parties involved. Kriya Materials develops its own nano particles and has many years of experience in-house on incorporating these into functional coatings, while meeting pre-specified targets and simultaneously adapting it to specific process requirements. This is what makes us truly stand out.


Our promise

Kriya Materials strength is the development of customized functional coatings which target to over exceed customer expectations. Our flexibility and development speed offered is unique in its kind, yet our ISO certified QC and production ensures a sustainable production quality and 100% customer satisfaction.