Anti static coating

Kriya Materials has developed a line of antistatic hardcoating products for the film and sheet industry for end applications in Plasma Display, LCD, touch panels and other screen technologies. These anti static coating products meet the requirements of permanent static charge control and electrostatic discharge protection and are used in the largest brands in the world


The sheets and films coated with our anti static coating have a surface resistivity of order 108 Ω/□. The antistatic functionality is permanent, non-transferrable and does not depend on humidity, temperature or other external factors which are often of concern for other transparent conductive coating technologies.


Our antistatic hard coats meet the requirements of a protective hard coat, i.e. high pencil hardness, excellent optical appearance, very low color and relative high temperature stability. The coating products are standard formulated as solvent based UV curable coatings, and comprise nano dispersions of our proprietary antimony doped tin oxide (ATO) dispersion. The ATO dispersion serve as the anti static additive and are optionally available as a stand-alone anti static material, for which we would like to refer to our Nanoparticle dispersion product section on this webpage.


For indicative specifications we refer to our products catalog.


Suitable substrate materials include PET, PC, PMMA, TAC etc.


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