Welcome at Kriya Materials

Kriya Materials was founded in 2006 by a group of experienced researchers who had a clear vision on transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and their potential applications. With a key acquisition early on a state of the art proprietary technology was acquired from Philips, which has and still is the core of all our developments. This proprietary technology is focused around metal oxide nanotechnology which since then has found its application in many end products.


Developing a functional coating and the know-how which is needed to secure a top performance product is the key asset which Kriya Materials has in-house. This know-how is evenly shared over the entire team, whether R&D, Production or Quality Department, all bring valuable experience to the table. This enables Kriya Materials to effectively address the key issues of our customers and to tailor functional coatings to provide optimal solutions.


Kriya Materials products always have a hard coat functionality, this scratch resistance coating then optionally is modified to have incorporated functionalities such as; Anti Static, Refractive Index Matching or Ir absorbtion.


As we solved yesterdays challenges, the quest continues to solve tomorrows. Kriya Materials with its fully utilised R&D labs is up for it. You are invited to contact us in order to tackle your product challenges.